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Swiss Steak w/ Mashed Potatoes
joyful feet
joyfulleigh wrote in crankykitchen
Sorry for the lack of photo, but trust me, it's good. And easy. And child-friendly - my two year olds love it.

Joyfulleigh's Mom's Swiss Steak

one very large steak (I used a top sirloin)
2 cans of V8 juice (roughly)
a few carrots, sliced
half an onion, thinly sliced
3 large potatoes for mashing
staples (vegetable oil, butter, milk, flour, salt, pepper)

Put your steak between two pieces of Saran Wrap and beat the heck out of it until it's thin and flat. Then cut it up into medium pieces (three to four bites apiece). Season generously with salt and pepper. Then lightly coat it in flour.

Saute in a very small amount of vegetable oil over medium-high heat in a large skillet just long enough to get a sear on each side. Then throw in the vegetables and pour in enough V8 juice to just barely cover the meat. Turn the heat down to very low. Cover and simmer until done, approx. 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, boil up your potatoes. Drain and mash with butter and milk.

Serve the meat and use the vegetables and sauce as gravy over the mashed potatoes. Serve a green vegetable on the side. We like peas, but use whatever tickles your fancy that day. This makes enough for two adults and two kids. You could easily just use more meat and stretch the recipe a bit.



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