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Coq au Vin in a Crockpot
joyful feet
joyfulleigh wrote in crankykitchen
So, Cranky asked me to post my Coq au Vin in a Crockpot recipe, but alas, I cannot take credit for this gem.

I got it from my friend Gina over at her blog, Moneywise Moms. (If you're a mom on a budget, do support Gina by reading her blog. She's amazing.) But Gina got this recipe from another blogger, a crockpot blog extraordinaire called Crockpot365. So... without further ado, I give you: Coq au Vin in a Crockpot!

It looks like a purple mess but man, is it tasty! And my toddlers love eating their purple food!


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