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crankykitchen's Journal

Quick & Easy is not just for the bedroom!
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Recipe Sharing for thos who need something easy and good!
Hi All,

I have fallen into a cooking rut and I realized a lot of my friends have good recipes to share. I want a place where they are in the same place. So please! Post your recipes! This is not a snobby community that will judge you if one of the ingredients is canned pork & beans, Campbell's cream of something soup or Ritz crackers. We're looking for good food and we realize sometimes (most often) that includes bacon.

Feel free to share vegetarian, low fat, low calorie, low carb or low sodium recipes. Also please share your dessert recipes, indulgence recipes and, of course, any recipe that uses both Ritz crackers AND bacon!

Looking forward to sharing and trying new recipes!

One Recipe per post
Post the name of your recipe in the title
Use tags (once I've added them)
Don't be an asshole or I'll ban you.